Michigan Dojos
Sorrell Shihan

Detroit, Michigan

He has expressed a desire to join us in our mission
to build an Alliance of karate practitioners who
represent and promote all that is good in traditional
karate. He has a background in Isshin Ryu Karatedo.

Ortegon Sensei

Lansing, Michigan

Ortegon Sensei is a Nidan, 2nd degree black belt in
Ryukyu Kempo.  Ernest Ortegon  studied with the
Oyata organization and holds his rank with Zenkoku
Ryukyu Kempo Kobudo Rengo Kai. He has
expressed a desire to join the Alliance and serve
with us as we build a strong reputation of Oyata
Sensei's teachings outside of Ryu-te.
United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance