I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to the
Alliance's Web Site.  As a student of the Ryukyu Arts I believe you will find
your studies will both challenging as well as rewarding.  You will find some of
the best instructors in martial arts assisting you in your personal growth as
you progress down the road that they have once themselves traveled.  All our
instructors are highly qualified and have been certified by our International
Board of Directors.
Our art of Ryukyu Kempo
comes from the island that
is now known as Okinawa,
Japan.  The term Ryukyu
refers to the name of the
island and its people prior
to the Japanese overtaking
by the Japanese Shogun in
the 15th century.  The term
Kempo translates to fist
way.  Thus Ryukyu Kempo
means the fist way of the
Ryukyu people.  It was the
way the Ryukyuans
defended their life, their
villages and their country
against hostility.
The most important and unique aspect of our art is the philosophy that the
hand is directly motivated by the heart.  If your heart is good then your hand
will do good things.  If your heart is bad then your hand will do bad things.
This philosophy dictates the importance of every Ryukyu Kempo practitioner
to practice the task of character development in our everyday life.  As you
find in your study of this art that a critical part of promotion to higher levels
are based on your understanding and practice of the Dojo Kun and Guiding
Principles which will be exposed to you later in this Web Site.
United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance