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Nakagusuku Castle site is located two kilometers from the old trading port of Yagi on
an elevation of 150-160 meters above sea level. Its steep slopes and jagged cliffs offer
a natural landscape for a castle site. This historic site runs from the northwestern
portion of Nakagusuku Village and up to the southern side of Kita-Nakagusuku
Village. Of the approximately 300 castle ruins found in Okinawa, this castle is one of
the best preserved in its original state. Standing upon its stonewalls, visitors can enjoy
the panoramic view of Nakagusuku Bay (Pacific Ocean) to the east and the East
China Sea to the west. The Katsuren peninsula appears to the left of the bay and the
Chinen peninsula to the right.

The castle is believed to have been constructed in the 1st half of the 15th century by
Lord Gosamaru. However recent studies have raised the theory that Gosamaru's
predecessor may have been the first to set the foundations of the castle since the 1st,
2nd, and third citadels differ in style from the north citadel. Ancient builders made
skillful use of the limestone precipice and the surface configuration by raising the level
of the six groups of citadels in the castle. The cut Ryukyu limestone is the basic
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