It seems that most people have a good understanding of bunkai. I believe that movement from
start to finish is the key to examining the effect of a kata motion. The most important factor in
discovery is that true bunkai or high level bunkai involves only one technique. It was the
attitude of the Old Way Karateka to not fight but to drop his opponent. They never practiced
fighting. They practiced life protection. Also keeping in mind that most of the "Old Masters"
were in great physical condition which did not come from a six week introductory program at the
local fitness center. The way of life involved a strict discipline of physical conditioning exercise
and continuous practice of the kata. The more familiar a kata movement becomes to you the
greater opportunity you will have to place its use. Thats why the unexplained and unquestioned
physical practice is such a valuable tool.
Practice (again and again)
Practice (till you get it right)
Practice (till you know it like the back of your hand)
Practice (over and over)
Practice (1,000 times)
and bunkai will come to you...

Amor Kaicho Aug 2004
United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance